Sesame based oil application traditionally used for restoring strength and mobility to the lower body. External application stimulates nervine functions and tones muscles. It pacifies vata in the power body, thereby relieving pain and rigidity.


Direction of Use

  • 5- 20 ml mixed with 40 ml boiled and cooled water or as directed by the physician
  • For Internal use only



Nervine Tonic- Improves Memory, Concentration, Calms The Nervous System, Prevents Chronic Respiratory Disorders, Improves Fertility, Vigour And Regulates Menstruation, Purifies The Blood, Eliminates Toxins And Is Beneficial To Liver, Promotes Complexion And Fights Against Bacterial Skin Infection, Augments Calcium Absorption, Leading To Stronger Bones And Teeth, Builds Muscle By Improving Protein Synthesis.

Sitaram C H Quath 200ml

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