Product Description

Chyavanprasa kashaya tablet is a value added modification of the traditional Chyavanaprasa avaleha formulation. Mentioned in the context of rejuvenatives in Ayurveda classics, it has Amla (Indian gooseberry) as its main ingredient. Coupled with other select drugs with nourishing, anti-inflammatory, digestive and appetite inducing properties, this product is ideal for diabetic patients for its immunity enhancing and rejuvnative properties.

Sitaram Chyavanaprasam 450gms

SKU: 8904072721332
  • Nutritional anlysis* of this food supplement shows that it is a good sourve of Vit. C, Iron, Proteins, Calcium, Sodium and Potassium in their naturally occuring forms, that can be easily absorbed by the body. The ready anti-oxidant action of the formula helps in ridding the body of inflammation and metabolic toxins.

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