A simple yet potent combination of anti-inflammatory group of ten roots (Dasamoola), digestive group of peppers (Black pepper, long pepper, wild pepper etc), Indian Elm and Deodar, this kashaya tablet balances ‘Vata dosha’ at the level of intestines, thereby facilitating optimal bowel movement, absorption and metabolism; and preventing abdominal bloating and flatulence.The formula has specific efficacy in combating recurrent inflammation in the upper respiratory tract and relapsing febrility, hence indicated in bolstering the body’s inherent immune response against seasonal flus and epidemics.


Direction of Use

2 tablets twice daily before food or As directed by the physician

For internal use only



General Debility, Weakness Of Body, Improves Immunity, Liver Protective, Fluctuating Fever

Sitaram Indukantham Kashaya Tablet 50 Nos

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