Our way of giving back

Sitaram Research Institute was constituted with the sole objective of giving back to the society and environment. SRF works in the following four spheres:

  1. Health - The foundation conducts medical camps frequently in various locations of the state and distributes free medicines to the needy. There is a weekly free medical camp conducted at Sitaram Ayurveda Speciality Hospital. The foundation works with other NGOs and philanthropies and provides free Ayurvedic medicines to help various communities.
  2. Health Awareness - Believing in the concept that prevention is better than cure, SRF regularly conducts awareness sessions and lectures by Doctors in schools, colleges, senior citizen homes, resident associations on building immunity, yoga, female hygiene and health, geriatric health etc.
  3. Education - Ayurvedic physicians and Ayurvedic therapists are the torch bearers for Ayurveda. Empowering them and leveling up their skills is one of the key activities of SRF. Through ayursangamam, the doctors continuing medical education activities are provided with the knowledge from top doctors regarding their practice and experiences.
  4. Environment - SRF works with farmers by empowering them with sustainable practices for medicinal plants cultivation and also arranging buy-back. The foundation distributes saplings of Medicinal plants to the local communities, encouraging them to grow and use there herbs as per Ayurveda for better health.