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CHANDANASAVAM – Ayurvedic Medicine For Urinary Problems

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Sitaram’s Chandanasavam is an authentic medicinal wine preparation with the properties of sandalwood and other cooling herbs that ought to manage anomalies of the reproductive and urinary system of the body. This aromatic drink serves to prevent urinary infections.

Key Features :

  • Ayurvedic treatment for white discharge.
  • Prevents urinary infection and helps to cure kidney stones.
  • Management for premature ejaculation.
  • Combat urinary tract infections.

According to Ayurveda, the concept of sex is not merely pleasure, but the unravelling of deeper cognitive and spiritual awakening. Sexual intercourse is considered one of the many unstoppable urges just like thirst and hunger.

If you think managing stress around issues relating to your reproductive dysfunctions is a shame, then you’re wrong! If you think infection in the female genital tract can only be tackled with chemical-based drugs, then you’re wrong!

With reduced rehydration amidst our busy schedule, the functioning of our urinary system is highly compromised. With such minimal consumption of fluids or rather water, the kidneys have the burden themselves to cut down on urine output resulting in urinary tract infections and in the formation of kidney stones.

This is where we all look towards the power of Ayurveda to guide us to our normalcy. In the Ayurvedic system of medicine, herbs are used in multiple formulations that help to restore the optimacy of bodily homeostasis. One such herbal combination is Chandanasavam.


Sitaram’s Chandanasavam is a special fermented medicinal wine-like preparation used as an entrusted medication for urinary and reproductive dysfunctions since the beginning of Ayurveda. This authentic Ayurvedic medicine for leucorrhea and premature ejaculation is formulated using the best herbs from nature’s basket. It has a multitude of benefits on the body beginning from:

  • White discharge treatment :

Leukorrhea is considered one among the 20 Yonivyapad or diseases of the female reproductive tract due to the accumulation of aggravated bodily entities. This Sleshmiki type of disorder (understood as the Ayurvedic correlation of leucorrhea) is due to excess Kapha entity in the urogenital tract, resulting in excessive discharge and higher chances for vaginal infections. The presence of Trikatu in this combination helps to optimize this entity and ensure normalcy thus giving the best Ayurvedic treatment for white discharge.

  • Treatment for Kidney stone :

According to Ayurveda, disruptions in kidney mechanisms occur due to compromised fluid intake. Due to an ineffective liquid diet, the Kapha entity within the body tends to solidify into small stone-like structures that get deposited in sites like the Kidney or gallbladder. The availability of cooling drugs in this combination relieves the tension over the urinary system and reduces the formation of this solidified mass. Moreover, the piercing action of the preparation helps to expel the vitiated Dosha from the body as well.

  • Management of urinary tract infections :

The availability of potent cooling herbs like sandalwood in this combination reduces the Pitta factor that triggers and prevents infections. The rightful use of this herbal combination helps to clear all the channels of the body and acts as a wonderful Ayurvedic therapy for UTI in both males and females.

  • Semen leakage treatment :

Sukra or semen is the last product of an effective mechanism. Ejaculation and semen formation are the prime functions of the Kapha entity. When this factor is degraded the individual tends to have semen leakage or premature ejaculation. The usage of wonderful herbs in this combination ensures retrograde ejaculation treatment.

Being a multidrug herbal Ayurvedic medicine for urinary tract infections, Chandanasavam also helps to tackle neurotoxic symptoms of stress and anxiety. It has over 15 ingredients, of which only a few are mentioned below-

  • Chandana (Santalum album): The mystic timber of white sandals is surely a wonder to watch. Its beauty just doesn’t end with its alluring smell, it has exceptional medicinal properties. It has a deep cooling effect with an astringent flavour and has the same metabolic end effect that calms all bodily entities. It is this factor that gives anti-infective properties to his formulation.
  • Rakta Chandana: It imparts complexion and enhance digestion. It acts as an allrounder to manage all systemic mechanisms of the body. It helps to normalize urinary, reproductive, digestive systems and is one of the best Ayurvedic medicines for kidney stones.
  • Musta: This simple rhizome of Cyperus rotundus is a wonderful digestant that helps to clarify blood and helps to impart better ejaculative mechanisms. It reduces the chances for infections while reducing the symptoms of menopausal syndrome.
  • Utpala: The luscious glory of blue lilies is just mesmerizing, so are its medicinal properties that curb all aggravated bodily entities. It has cold potency with an astringent flavour and sweet metabolic end effect, a peculiar yet effective set of properties. It’s this special effect from the plant that helps to overcome our snags of seminal errors among others.
  • Gambhari: Commonly called the velvet tree or botanically Gmelina Arborea, it is one among the Dasamula that offers strong Vata alleviating properties. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is an excellent brain tonic thus acting as one of the best Ayurvedic medicines for neurotoxic symptoms.

How to use?

The advised adult dosage is 15-25 ml Chandanasavam twice daily after food while children can only consume once or twice daily after food or as per the advice of your physician.

Your safety is our prime concern!

The following individuals are requested to consider the advice from your Ayurvedic health care practitioner before consuming Chandanasavam:

  • Pregnant women and lactating mothers.
  • Children under the age of 5.
  • Individuals under medication for other diagnosed diseases.

Ayurveda understands and comprehends a disease with the Doshic predominance corresponding to the modern symptomatology showcased. Using Ayurveda to cure your maladies will not give results overnight. With the prudent use of Ayurvedic medications, it is also important to follow dietary modifications and lifestyle adaptations that help to keep your Doshas in check.

Here’s your Ayurvedic cure for UTI and reproductive dysfunctions!

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