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Control Obesity With Ayurveda

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Have you become weary of going on diet after diet without reaching your goal weight? Maybe you’re just ready for a more all-encompassing approach to weight loss, or maybe you just need a reset after a brief period when your diet and lifestyle fell out of sync. 

An easy, practical, and efficient method of losing weight is offered by Ayurveda, the classical system of medicine. In the process, you’ll also be restoring a sense of internal balance, health and wellbeing. 

As a result, if you’re willing to give a completely different approach with Ayurveda, it might help you power up to start a new chapter for your body and might help you in an energizing journey toward better overall health. 


In an Ayurvedic approach of understanding, being overweight gives us an insight into the association of body weight with an overabundance of the kapha dosha. Kapha dosha is the water element in the human body which is the one responsible for the growth and anabolic reactions meeting the energy requirements and immune responses. Kapha is undoubtedly a significant participant in your battle with excess weight, even though it may not be the sole element at work.

The Concept of ‘Like increases Like’

Like increases Like, and opposite balance, is one of the fundamental tenets of Ayurveda. Kapha and excess weight have a lot in common, including being cool, slow, greasy, dense, smooth, soft, stable, and substantial. 

Therefore, excess Kapha in the body can cause obesity and being overweight can cause Kapha to be triggered in the body.  

A return to balance, on the other hand, necessitates an increase in opposing forces, such as those that are light, liquid, sharp, mobile, dry, rough, and subtly powerful. 

Regardless of how swiftly and slowly we travel, each of us can benefit from this strategy.


You won’t need to deprive yourself or unreasonably restrict the range of foods you can eat if you use Ayurveda’s wisdom to control your weight because it doesn’t emphasize short-term gains that will fail us later. 

So the Ayurvedic strategy is getting that perfect balance back.! Through doshas (body humor) and Agni (the kindled bio-fire). 

Agni, which is essentially the ability to extract nutrients from the food we eat, is thought to control metabolism by assisting all enzymatic and digestive processes in the body. It is determined to be in the stomach and guards over our energy assimilation levels. It is believed that the blazing hot Agni that is within us is what spreads the elements that are beneficial to health throughout the body. 

A weak biofire will extinguish the afflictions that give rise to diseases, whereas a weak Agni will have a direct impact on energy. It can lead to endotoxin buildup, poor digestion, poor immunological responses and nutrition assimilation. 

When you are overweight, the Agni is powerful enough to burn your entire body like a forest fire if you make abrupt changes to your daily routine and eating habits. For the same reason, Ayurveda advocates gradual adaptation before becoming a creature of habit while trying the extra calories.

While it’s likely that you will need to exercise some self-control at first, it won’t take long until the body’s innate wisdom starts to emerge, replacing bad desires with healthier urges. 


According to Ayurveda, improving digestion is essential for obtaining and keeping your optimal weight. Herbs, yoga poses, breathing exercises (Pranayama), and food have all been used for thousands of years with tremendous success to improve digestion.  

Here are some fundamental suggestions to aid with better digestion: 

  • Skip over the iced and canned : Iced or cold drinks can “put out” the digestive fire hence drinks should be warm or at room temperature while you consume as that is a reliable method to save your guts. So next time you purchase food and drinks, stay on the healthy side of the market and step back from the ‘canned’ area accounting to their low levels of ‘Prana’ which is the vital life energy. 
  • Let’s eat it fresh : Your digestive system won’t have to work so hard if you give it fresh foods. Your body will function at its best if you eat freshly prepared, healthy meals that are preferably organic. 
  • Skip the leftovers : Foods that have been cooked, then chilled or frozen, have lost much of their nutritional value and are far more difficult to digest. 

Your Prakriti: The Body Constitution

To regain your health, identify whether you have a vata (the wind element), Pitta (the fire element), or Kapha (the water element) imbalance, and then start making dietary and/or lifestyle changes.  

  • You may have a vata imbalance, for instance, if you frequently experience gas and constipation and would like to gain weight.  
  • A pitta imbalance may be the cause of your propensity for acid reflux, heartburn, diarrhoea, rashes, and other skin conditions. 
  • You are more likely to have a kapha imbalance if you frequently suffer from colds, congestion, asthma, chronic weight gain, or obesity. 

Herbal assistance

Herbs can be used to ignite the digestive fire.  

  • Consider the tablets like the powdered mix of Hingvastak for vata types.  
  • Cumin, coriander, and fennel are suitable for Pitta types. 
  • The powdered formulas of Trikatu are the finest options for kapha people. 

a) Eat at time : Establish a regular meal time schedule. The optimal time for most people to have their largest meal is about midday, when the digestive fire is at its peak. 

b) Breathe Deeply : Take a moment to breathe deeply after each meal and before moving on to your next activity. Eat all meals in a calm environment. 

c) Remember that similar things attract similar things : so if you’re attempting to lose weight, it’s advisable to stay away from fatty and greasy meals like cheese, pudding, nuts, and cake as well as prevent overeating. 

d) Put exercise into your regular schedule : Avoid becoming inactive. Every day, give your body and mind stimulation.

e) Everyday meditation : The body can achieve a level of tranquillity that helps healthy digestion by relaxing for even five minutes every day.

Patience, dedication, and practice are necessary for long-lasting improvement. You can stay on track while achieving your ultimate healthcare objective by using the straightforward Ayurvedic weight loss tips.  

So get ready to feel lighter and happier than ever !

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