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Herbs to Boost Respiratory System Health

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Ayurveda uses many species of peppercorns, and they generally have a prabhava for drying as black pepper, which is excellent for releasing mucus, such as sinus congestion. A traditional preparation is to boil 10 peppercorns in milk and drink for a sinus releasing experience like no other


Probably the most common respiratory discomfort is a simple sore throat. Soothing the irritated throat with herbal demulcents and the tender lungs with reflex demulcents often brings substantial relief. Licorice root (Glycyrrhizaglabra) guards respiratory mucus membranes with a coating of carbohydrate slime. Use 1 teaspoon of chopped root or powder, brewed as tea, three times a day, or more often as needed. Oral doses of licorice lubricate the lung lining by reflex action.


An Ayurvedic combination of the fruits amalaki, haritaki, and bibhitaki, is the classic herbal decoction for long-term gargling, and many Ayurveda aficionados include it in their dinacharya to balance the doshas in the throat area. Singers and public speakers gargle with bibhitaki decoction, which is more drying, to astringe the throat before a performance.


Vasaka leaf (Adhatodavasica, Malabar nut) is a famous Ayurvedic respiratory herb. Commonly found growing in India, the remedy is bitter, astringent, light, dry, and cold, with a pungent vipaka. It is kaphapittahar, but use caution in cases of long-term aggravated vata.


Sitopaladi is in every home in India. It is for acute, serious, unproductive cough and specific for cough with copious white or slightly yellow sputum, sore throat, and A simple formula, it contains sugar, bamboo manna (dried, aged bamboo sap, vamsalochana), pippali, cardamom, and cinnamon. Taken as a powder, this fine powder liquefies in the mouth and becomes a sugary syrup to soothe the irritated throat. The sugar and the warming herbs liquefy and mobilize mucus, allowing the sputum to be expectorated, and the vamsalochana rapidly shuts down the cough reflex.


Talisadi falls in the same respiratory category as sitopaladi, but it is a hotter formula as it contains all the ingredients in sitopaladi, plus black pepper, ginger, and talisa, anherb that is a good addition to your personal material medica. Talisadi has an immune and lung focus.

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