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Prevention and Management of Painful Gums with Ayurvedic Remedies

Painful Gums

Causes of painful gums:

● Gingivitis or any inflammation of the gums is the main cause of gum pain.
● Periodontitis is a serious inflammation of the gums that can even lead to damage of teeth and bones.
● Aphthous ulcers or canker sores are ulcers occurring anywhere in the mouth. If they occur in the base of gums, you may experience painful gums.
● Infections from bacteria or fungi, mostly because of poor oral hygiene can cause painful gums.
● Dental Caries: Cavities in teeth can be infected and cause pain not only in the teeth but also on the gums around the areas.
● Injuries from improper flossing or brushing, or even external force may cause painful gums.
● Sinusitis: Sometimes pain from sinusitis may be experienced as pain in the gums.
● Hormonal change: Extreme change in hormonal levels as in pregnancy can cause swelling in the gums which sometime may lead to pain.
● Malnutrition: Deficiency in vitamins to improper food habits can cause inflammation and pain in the gums.

Herbs and Home remedies for Gum Pain:

These home remedies can help you get relief from gum pain. Remember, these are only pain relieving remedies and do not substitute treatment. It is important to seek proper medical care to identify the cause of your gum pain and get specific treatment.

  1. Herbal Application: Herbs like spilanthes acimella, clove etc are anti-inflammatory and analgesic. You can either boil them in water and swish the water around the gums. Another method is to make a paste mixing powdered herbs with water and applying directly over the gums. Turmeric powder can be added with the above herbs to improve anti inflammatory and anti infective action. Clove oil also can be used.
  2. Sitaram Tooth Powder contains many of the beneficial herbs. Brushing the teeth with the tooth powder is very beneficial in reducing gum inflammation and pain. You may also boil the tooth powder and swish the water around the gums.
  3. Hot or cold compress can be applied on the face over the painful area.
  4. Salt Water can be used to mouthwash and swish around the gums. It will reduce the swelling, inflammation and pain.
  5. Oil pulling with medicines like Arimedadi Tailam is also helpful to reduce pain and inflammation.

How can you prevent painful gums:

● Oral hygiene: This is the main factor in preventing painful gums. Brushing your teeth with quality products like Sitaram tooth powder will help you to keep germs and inflammation at bay. Brushing your teeth before bed is more important and beneficial to prevent oral infections.
● Preventing Gum injury: Using the appropriate products for brushing and flossing will help to reduce injuries to gums.
● Oil pulling: Using herbal oils like Arimedadi Tailam is beneficial in preventing inflammation and infections. It will also help to improve the strength of gums and teeth.
● Ensure proper nutrition: Vitamins and other nutrients are important for strength of gums and teeth.
● Gum Massage: Is helpful to soothe and reduce inflammation of sensitive gums. Massage your gums with two fingers every day after brushing.

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