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Regain Your Health Post COVID Through Ayurveda

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During these times of a stronger second wave of covid infections, what we require is care and alertness than fear and panic.

Many people who have recovered from covid infection report continued symptoms like fatigue,  joint pain, digestive issues, low energy and enthusiasm. These symptoms are termed post COVID syndrome. Ayurvedic treatments can be of great help to recover from the post covid fatigue and other symptoms.

It seems that we have become relaxed in taking precautions like masking and distancing to prevent the covid, which we were all very vigilant about a year ago.

All of us must take vaccination against covid when available. But remember, vaccination alone won’t prevent the disease completely and letting our guard down because we are vaccinated will prove dangerous.

Data show that the present covid infections are predominantly caused by the genetically mutated variants of the corona virus. More mutations to the virus are expected to be added as time passes. This indicates that the covid infection won’t be leaving us anytime soon. So we have to be more active in ensuring the necessary precautions against the disease.

Get tested immediately if you are having any of covid disease symptoms like running nose, cough, headache, fever, loss of smell, body pain etc. It may prove dangerous to mingle with your loved ones ignoring such symptoms.

Reports seem to suggest that this wave of covid is stronger with increased infectiveness and rapid deterioration of condition of patients. So ensure that you take utmost care to prevent the disease for you and your loved ones and be a responsible citizen.

Ayurvedic medicines prescribed by your doctor according to your conditions will help to prevent covid disease, as well as to mitigate the severity of the infection if you happen to contract it.

Ayurvedic medicines like vilwadi tablet, sudarsanam tablet, Allerkhand choornam, indukantam kashayam tablet, c can be used as prescribed by your doctor for prevention as well as treatment of the infection.

For those who have recovered from the covid disease, Ayurvedic medicines as well as panchakarma treatments will also help in restoring health and vitality.

  • As a preventive measure, you may use water boiled with Ayush Kwath choornam.
  • Taking turmeric milk with half teaspoon turmeric powder added in one glass of hot milk also helps.
  • Nasyam with Anu tailam is also good to be included in your daily routine.
  • To regain health after covid, ashwagandha capsules followed by a glass of milk can be taken before bedtime.
  • Chyavanaprasam is also an excellent choice to build immunity against COVID as well as recover after an infection.

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