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Remedy for Chronic Fatigue in Ayurveda

chronic fatigue syndrome

All physical manifestations start at the level of consciousness which Ayurveda considers as the root of life. The same advances to a detectable energy level, and eventually take on our physical form. So before we could think of any other reasons, chronic weariness has its roots set in seats of consciousness.  

And it is at times astonishing how people out there don’t get it that our body contains a system for storing energy. The flow of reserve energy is made possible by subtle processes and as this energy works, it becomes less and less.  

That’s when we need that consistent outside “charging!.” Without which, just like anything overly stretched, the body tends to bend and break or wear and tear.

An overview: CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) 

Chronic fatigue syndrome is characterised by extreme or incapacitating tiredness in the body and mind. Day-to-day living is impacted by fatigue, both physically and psychologically, as well as by muscle discomfort or spasms and memory loss. There are no known causes of CFS; rather, it is a result of both biological and psychological factors. It could result from severe sickness, a stressful experience, or neurological weakness.  

So if you are wondering what made you wanna climb onto bed and just doze off… don’t worry have a journey down the memory lane and you might definitely find what’s pulling you down.

An Ayurvedic Outlook to CFS 

The physical and mental health issues associated with chronic fatigue syndrome point to an aggravated Vata dosha. Physical, mental, and psychological vitiation of vata can make you feel totally devoid of any energy to carry out even the mildest of works.  

Negative effects are produced throughout the body by this Vata agitation. Because Vata dosha is the one among three basic body humours in Ayurveda and guards the overall mechanical functions of the body. All of the forgetfulness and nervous system impairment as well as cramps and spasms are hence linked to a vata imbalance. You experience dryness, lack of energy, and irritation as a result of the ailment.

So what does it feel like to be down from CFS.?

  • Unrefreshing Sleep   

Hours of sleep and meeting that 8 hour dream sleep schedule most of us rarely accomplish but you may still feel like you haven’t slept at all.! You feel sleep deprived after being asleep for more than enough time. 

  • Brain Fog

Short term memory, loss of communication skills like when you can’t convey what you really mean or you suddenly lose the hold on vocabulary of even the common things in your daily life. 

  • Extreme Chill

The body fails to cope up with minor temperature differences and you may feel the cold like a fever is at its onset.! 

  • Sensitivity to Light and Noise  

Even the mildest of sound and light can hit like too much to bear. 

  • Unending Fatigue, Physical and Mental Exhaustion

Drained of energy, wanting to take bed as soon as you finish eating or a bath. That’s the level of exhaustion one might feel. 

Other symptoms might include: 

  • Pain all Over my Body. 
  • Unending Thirst. 
  • Dark, Liquid Stool. 
  • Shortness of Breath.  
  • Weakness. 


Instead of only treating the symptoms of a disease, Ayurveda advocates addressing its underlying causes. Ayurveda, a holistic health approach that includes food, yoga, massage, cleansing, herbal medicines, meditation, and everyday living, enhances a person’s physical and mental health. Because the mental component of the disease is just as crucial to treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as the physical component. 

Ayurveda’s treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome : 

To eradicate the fundamental cause, balance the dosha, and correct the symptoms of the Vata dosha, administer the opposing qualities of the dosha. That’s the first ayurvedic strategy. 

A number of therapies, dietary changes, and the use of Rasayana herbs that feed your body and mind are all part of the treatment plan for chronic fatigue syndrome. The purpose of treatment is to nourish the cells and tissues while strengthening the nervous system and regenerating the cells.

Dietary and Lifestyle Advice : 

  • Include foods that increase Kapha, such as milk and dairy products, which balance vata dosha. 
  • Increase the amount of oil and ghee in your diet to lessen vata aggravation. 
  • Consume more fresh produce and fruits. 
  • Spend a few minutes in meditation or pranayama to calm the agitated Vata. 
  • Include calming herbs in your diet, such as mint, coriander, fennel, and aloe vera. 
  • Establish a schedule to prevent interruptions and disruptions. 
  • All foods that irritate Vata must be avoided by the patient, including salads, smoothies (raw foods that are dry), beans, salty foods, aerated drinks, and others.

Panchakarma Medicine : 

In addition to purification, panchakarma therapy also promotes renewal and dosha balance. 

Abhyanga is a type of Ayurvedic oil massage that calms and nourishes the senses. 

Pouring medicinal oil, buttermilk, or a milk combination over the head to relieve stress known as Shirodhara is also a useful remedy. 

And the Classic panchakarma can also come out to be more helpful than ever. 

Herbal remedies and Ayurvedic drugs 

  • Shankhpushpi Syrup contains immune-stimulating and antioxidant components that boost immunity, slow down cell ageing, and promote the development of new cells and tissues. 
  • Chyavanprash – Rasayana enhances general well-being. 
  • An adaptogen and anti-stress plant with several uses is Ashwagandha which could be your best pal in recovery. 
  • Brahmi is another brain tonic that contains memory-enhancing, stress-relieving, and brain-rejuvenating ingredients. 

Chronic fatigue syndrome requires a multimodal therapy that includes a healthy diet, panchakarma, and medications because its aetiology is complex. Planning the treatment schedules and strategy according to each patient’s needs is a key component of CFS treatment. 

The manner that energy is absorbed and stored is influenced by our body chemistry. If not adequately maintained, that system may suffer from temporary or permanent impairment. Hence it’s important you understand, act and opt what works best for your body.

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