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Saraswatharishtam – Memory Booster

Saraswatharishtam with Gold

Saraswatharishtam, as the title suggests, is named after the Hindu deity Saraswati. She is the goddess of knowledge, art, speech, and learning. This potion, named after her, is a highly efficient brain tonic. Times are nothing like the old, and mental health is something that is at stake right now. Everybody is hesitant to address their mental health concerns and get professional help. From the olden times itself, the Ayurvedic medical system has been successful in curing such ailments and helping people deal with their stress. As Ayurveda defines health as a balance of Doshas and a good state of mind, it is vital to have them balanced; the mind and the body. This ayurvedic nerve tonic contains herbal remedies known to aid in the treatment of neurological and psychological problems. While the world has been made to stand still with the pandemic, almost every human being is suffering from significant stress and anxiety. Saraswatharishtam makes use of ingredients, which according to ancient Ayurvedic texts, claim to be good for reducing mental stress, depression, and anxiety. In this holistic healing system, the quality of sleep plays an important role. Saraswatharishtam also helps to improve the quality of sleep.

Importance of Saraswatharishtam with Gold

According to the time-tested tradition, Saraswatharishtam with gold is said to give the best results. Thus, Sitaram Ayurveda has come up with Saraswatharishtam that has infused the goodness of gold leaves. The gold is said to act as a catalyst that will carry the medicine to its targeted organ and increase the efficiency of the medicine. Brahmi is one of the prominent ingredients used in this tonic. Brahmi always had the name of serving to boost memory. It can also be used for people with Alzheimer’s disease and to reduce the symptoms associated with ADHD(Attention deficit hyperactive disorder). This tonic is also enriched with another herb called Aswagandha. As per Ayurveda, it has excellent anti-anxiety and anti-stress properties. Aswagandha has chemicals that can calm the brain and reduce fatigue and tiredness. This tonic has made use of an Ayurvedic adaptogen called Guduchi. Adaptogens are herbs that work to counteract the effects of stress in the body. Bibithaki is one of the Triphala herbs, about which the evidence shows that it can protect an individual against stress. The herb Vacha is said to improve intelligence, support digestion, relieve bloating, improve voice, help with psychological disorders and neuralgia, as said by Ayurvedic texts.

Ayurvedic Benefits of Saraswatharishtam

Saraswatharishtam, with powerful adaptogens, helps in dealing with stress and mental fatigue. This potion is potent medicine for bettering stammering in people. Stammering is a neurobiological problem, which causes a synchronization issue in the speech mechanism. This tonic gives people who have such speech disorders the ability to speak and articulate. While this tonic strengthens the nervous system, it also helps cure conditions like Dementia and psychomotor retardation. Dementia is a term used for symptoms such as loss of memory, reasoning, or other thinking skills. At the same time, psychomotor retardation is a condition when thoughts of an individual are slowed down and results in reduced physical movement. One of the reasons for this is a weakened nervous system. This psychomotor retardation may be a symptom of a condition called Insomnia. It is when an individual can’t fall asleep. However, all of these mental disorders are common but are difficult to diagnose. But if not diagnosed earlier and medicated, it can lead to challenging problems for people. Saraswatharishtam has proven to be a cure for all of these disorders if appropriately consumed. Sitaram’s Saraswatharishtam with gold comes at an affordable price, which makes it accessible for everyone. It is advised to consult a doctor before you take it.

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