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Treatment of Low AMH in Ayurveda

Treatment of low AMH

What is AMH level?

AMH is the abbreviation for anti mullerian hormone. AMH is a glycoprotein chemical that has important functions in our embryonic life as well as adult reproductive health.

The levels of AMH in the blood help doctors understand some important facts about your fertility.

Why is AMH level important?

AMH is a hormone that is produced from the follicles in the ovaries.  Follicles are the sacs where the female egg or ovum is situated. AMH is produced by special cells called granulosa cells inside the ‘young stage’ of follicles called primary follicles.

AMH levels indicate the ‘egg reserve or ovarian reserve’ of a lady. In other words, the level of AMH in the blood can help doctors estimate the number of follicles inside the ovaries.

Understanding ‘Egg reserve’:

A human female is born with all of the eggs she will ever have. The eggs are formed inside specialized follicles in the ovary. In each menstrual cycle, a group of follicles becomes mature, in response to the hormonal changes. One of the follicles will complete the development and ovulate. The rest of the eggs and follicles dissolve. Thus the reserve of eggs diminishes as you get older.

This is the reason why doctors sometimes recommend early pregnancies for women with certain medical conditions.

What is the normal AMH level?

 A typical AMH level for a fertile woman is 1.0–4.0 ng/ml. Levels under 1.0 ng/ml are considered low. Low AMH levels indicate a diminished ovarian reserve.

Why do AMH levels drop?

Low AMH levels can be associated with:

  • Age: As the number of follicles reduce naturally with age, AMH levels are related to your age.
  • Genetics: Genetics influence the levels of AMH you have in a specific age.
  • Surgery and medications: Treatments and hormone medications which for conditions like endometriosis, ovarian cysts etc can influence AMH levels.
  • Medical conditions: Certain autoimmune conditions can negatively affect AMH levels.
  • Stress: Studies prove that psychological stress will result in reduced AMH and poor ovarian reserve. (1)

 Ayurvedic Treatment for Low AMH:

A low AMH value indicates a depleted ovarian reserve. Ayurveda sees the big picture and ayurvedic treatments for low AMH encompasses all aspects leading to the situation. Ayurvedic treatment to improve AMH is actually the treatment to improve the quality of the ovum, balance the hormones and correct the ovarian response to those hormones.

Three aspects of ayurvedic treatments viz shamana, shodhana and rasayana have to be incorporated to improve AMH levels.

Shamana treatments include internal medications to balance the ‘dosha’, improve metabolism (deepana and pachana) and improve hormonal balance. If you have other conditions like thyroid issues, overweight or obesity, diabetes or insulin resistance, etc medicines will be prescribed to correct those conditions too.

Shodhana treatments include taking the metabolic toxins out of the body and thereby correcting the metabolism and physiological balance. Shodhana includes panchakarma procedures including nasyam, vamanam, virechanam, vasti and raktamoksha. Any one or more of these treatments will be chosen by your ayurveda doctor according to your specific dosha condition, health, and hormonal levels.

Special treatments like uttara vasti, yoni pichu, etc shall also be incorporated in treatment to improve AMH and fertility.

Rasayana includes medicines, lifestyle changes, and diet which will rejuvenate the body and improve physical strength, hormonal balance, and reproductive health.

Common Ayurvedic medicines and herbs for improving AMH:

Ayurvedic medicines for improving AMH include dadimadi ghritam, satavari gulam, shatapushpa choornam, saraswatharishtam, mahanarayana tailam, etc. Deepana pachana medicines like vaiswanara choornam, hinguvachadi choornam etc also support the treatments.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatment to improve AMH:

Ayurvedic treatment does not focus mainly on the level of hormones, but the aim is to improve the health of reproductive and endocrine systems.

The aim of ayurvedic treatment to improve AMH is to increase your chance of pregnancy by enabling the ovaries to produce healthy ovum and support it by the balance of hormones. The treatments will help you to get pregnant naturally. Ayurvedic treatments for improving AMH levels are also incorporated with modern fertility treatments like IVF method to increase the chance of viability of the embryo. Ayurvedic treatments can also help to improve the sustainability of pregnancy after natural conception or artificial embryo implantation.



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