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Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam

Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam

Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam is a classical Ayurvedic herbal preparation explained in the classical Ayurveda text, Ashtangahridayam. Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam explained in the context of treatment of Jwara (fever) for fumigation.


Fumigation is the action of purifying or disinfecting an area with fumes.

What is the purpose of fumigation?

  • Disinfection
  • Fumigants can reach every part of the decided area. That makes fumigants more effective than the application of insecticides or pesticides.
  • Efficient
  • Time-saving

Why Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam?

Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam contains eight ingredients. They are

  Sl No  Sanskrit name  English name  Botanical name  Part used  
  1.  Pura  Indian bedellium   Commiphora wightii  Gum resin  
  2.  Dhyamakam    Actiniopetris dichotoma  The whole plant  
  3.  Vacha  Sweet flag   Acorus calamus  The rhizome  
  4.  Sarja  Sal dammar   Shorea robusta  The resin  
  5.  Nimba  Neem tree   Azadirachta indica  The bark  
  6.  Arka  Crown flower   Calotropis gigantea  The root  
  7.  Agaru  Eagle wood   Aquilaria agallocha  The wood  
  8.  Daru  Deodar   Cedrus deodara  The wood  

All these ingredients thoroughly washed, dried and powdered. The powder form put on a hot amber and fumigated.

Studies on Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam

a) A study was conducted on Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam by National Ayush Mission, ISM (Indian System of Medicine), and Sitaram Ayurveda Pharmacy.

The study has done fumigation with Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam in the labor camps of migrant laborers. Labour camps fumigated with Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam to cleanse the air for nine days.

The bacterial count reduced by 95%, and the fungal count decreased by 96% on the first day of fumigation.

The bacterial count was reduced from 8020 cfu to 60 cfu on the third day.

The antimicrobial activity of Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam remained up to 24 hours after fumigation. The bacterial and fungal count was low, even after 72 hours, compared to the count before fumigation.

The choornam was found effective against Candida Albicans. It removes pathogens causing community and nosocomial infections. In addition, it helps to remove food contaminating fungi mucor.


b) In another study, Aparajitha Dhooma Choorna showed significantly higher inhibition of various Aspergillus species. The data showed that fumigation inhibited bacterial growth and reduced fungal growth.


Benefits of fumigation with Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam

  • An effective antimicrobial agent.
  • It can play a role in the prevention of infectious diseases like fever.
  • Can reduce the intensity of secondary infections.
  • Good mosquito repellent- Aparajitha Dhooma widely used as a good mosquito repellent and found very effective in controlling vector-borne diseases like Dengue fever, Malaria. Aparajitha Dhooma is an excellent product as a preventive medicine during monsoon related infectious fevers.
  • No side effects for Aparajitha Dhooma reported till now, but people with a history of respiratory conditions like Asthma should be cautious not to inhale fumes directly.
  • Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam does not cause any sedative effect.
  • This is safe for children, pregnant women and older people.

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